About us

This site, healthindicator.eu is intended to inform customers and interested parties about the use and operation of our health Indicator.
Our website catlittercompany.com is for industry and wholesalers in the animal sector.

Cat Litter Company focuses on the production, import and export of high-quality Private Label Cat Litters. With 20 years of experience in purchasing and production in China, we have built up a huge amount of expertise not only with the products but also in the field of packaging and transport.
Delivering high quality Cat Litters at the best price in the basic, medium and premium (market) segments is our core business.

Cat Litter Company organizes the entire process for you in a tight manner.
After acceptance of our quotation, the production is scheduled and the design of the packaging is supervised or carried out by us and after checking the proof we will commit ourselves to a punctual delivery at your desired address. We carefully adjust each step to your wishes.
Cat Litter Company has modern facilities for all production steps and provides excellent quality assurance, we can also take stock management off your hands. Your Private Label is therefore in good hands with us.

Of course, Cat Litter Company ensures compliance with all INCO terms and European environmental standards.
Fulfill all EU requirments like REACH:
REACH is a European regulation on the production and trade of chemical substances. It describes where companies and governments must adhere to. REACH stands for: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals. This regulation applies to all countries of the European Union.

Cat Litter Company delivers decentralized services to large and medium-sized purchasing organizations of supermarkets, green department stores and pet stores.

For further information and quotations go to our website at https://catlittercompany.com